Martin Katz: Sneak Peak Into The Golden Globes

The Globes are around the corner.  No, I don’t sit in my apartment all gussied up drinking champagne, but I do have my own Globes tradition, having little to do with who’s actually going to win.  I live tweet my fashion commentary (so follow me,, promising to tell the truth.  I predict long gowns, neutral and jewel toned dresses.  Color of the night? Poppy.  Let’s see if I’m right! My second tradition is to write down all of the fashion hits and misses and send the email to my best friend Alexis the following morning.  We usually are on the same page with most of the gowns, but occassionally her “hit” is one of my biggest “misses”.  Oh well, such is life!

I managed to snag a last minute interview with jewelry legend, Martin Katz, so we can gain insight into what he’s predicting for Sunday’s big event.  Enjoy!

LBC: Can you divulge which leading ladies will be wearing Martin Katz on the red carpet?

MK: Right now we’re working with Gia Montegna (Miss Golden Globe), Julie Bowen, Amy Adams, Giuliana Rancic, Jane Krakowski, Annette Bening and Emily Blunt.

LBC: What jewelry trends do you predict that we’ll see?

MK: Lots of colorful jewelry.  Colorful stones are being favored to diamonds at the moment, especially when it comes to hanging earrings.  Look for a variety of drop earrings in an array of colors on the red carpet.

LBC: What are the jewelry trends for this season?
MK: Jewelry that combines refinement with rock & roll and big colorful cocktail rings and layered necklaces.

LBC:  What trends do you predict we’ll see in red carpet gowns?

MK: Lots of feminine silhouettes in draped silks and chiffons, as well as gowns in fun colors such as red.

Let’s see how many of Martin Katz’s decadent creations make their way into my hit list.  My prediction? All! (and that’s the honest truth.)

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