Make the Bathroom the Best Place in Your Home

Though many may find it strange, I always seem to find myself judging a place by its bathrooms – be it a hotel room, a home or a restaurant.  I think in the latter my thought is that if the bathrooms are not clean, I hate to see the conditions in the kitchen.  For living spaces, I think it is because we are perhaps our most vulnerable in the bathroom. The more comforting, inviting and pleasing to the senses a bathroom space is the more I feel connected to the overall space. But, perhaps I am over sharing.  I do so to place the importance of a well appointed bathroom.

And where you choose to go to select the key elements of your bathroom easily sets the tone for the entire space.  Perhaps the best in Boston for hard to find luxury bathroom fixtures is Bill Brenner Ltd. Featuring the best of European and U.S. boutique brands, you’ll find Dornbracht, Czech & Speake, THG, Herbeau, Lefroy Brooks (pictured) and more than a hundred more.

But who can really get a feel of a piece from a catalog or online alone.  To experience many of the pieces, it is best to head to the Billie Brenner Ltd. Showroom at the Boston Design Center.  Having been in business for more than 42 years, the company knows all too well that a bathroom should be a fashionable as well as a functional space in a home. Design, finishes, textures, colors and quality that can last are all key elements to a stunning bathroom and they easily offer the most eclectic and beautiful selection in the city.

The company has been featured on HGTV, Design New England and company Founder and President Billie Brenner took part in the very first This Old House. And the best part is they can help with a simple faucet selection to an entire bathroom design ensemble with expert care that you can be confident in. Save the trip hustling across the States and Europe to find the best in bathroom fixtures and design, Billie Brenner Ltd. Has already done the leg work for you.

The showroom is open business hours weekdays, though appointments are recommended.

Billie Brenner Ltd. is located at 1 Design Center Place, Suite 429, Fort Point, Boston 617.348.2858