Lil Wayne: Live in the Studio

Last night I found myself at the recording studio with none other than Lil Wayne, no big deal. The mood was surprisingly romantic, ha! There were candles lit everywhere and the lights were dimmed. It’s really interesting to watch someone do what they love, and do something that they’re really good at.  Being able to see how someone works to be where they are is pretty surreal. For Weezy, getting inspired meant playing the track over and over and over again to let words flow naturally. You might be wondering why I had any business being in the studio with him, and truthfully, i didn’t–but my friend Porcelain has a single dropping with him in two weeks, produced by RedOne and his team (they’re responsible for most of the hits we hear today ie: Lady Gaga) called, “This is what Rock looks like.” So while the fellow artists were chilling and inspiring one another, I swayed to the music like a white girl and ate all their potato chips.