Xenia’s World: aSmallWorld’s Winter Weekend in Gstaad

Travelers and website members from Tokyo, Vancouver, New York and München faced the snow and several flight delays to attend ASW’s Winter Weekend. The event was exclusively dedicated to la crème de la crème of the social network or for any member who could afford to buy a ticket and feel part of this privileged asmall society.

The palatial Gstaad Palace was closed to welcome the weekend’s guests. Great organization was provided from the whole team and the program was curated in every detail: from heliskiing and carriage rides to Christmas shopping and Poker School.

The entertainment for the gala evening included performances by The Little Dream Foundation, burlesque queen Zoe Scarlett, and singer and Ernesto Bertarelli’s wife Kirsty.

Journalists from Swiss and German magazines enjoyed writing pieces about different characters who arrived to support the event like the American actress Tara Reid (with new boy toy Bartholomew) and the German WAG Liliana Matthäus, as well as about the generous charity raffle for the Swiss Red Cross.