The Most Expensive Nail Polish In The World—Ever. Can You Guess How Much It Is?

So you thought you had everything and then someone comes along with the most expensive, opulent nail polish in the world.

Hand-made from yellow gold and with over 1,000 diamonds inlaid to the lid, Gold Rush is no ordinary nail polish.

Priced at £83,000 ($130,745) for 15ml, thats the the same as four Toyota Priuses, or half of an average priced house in the UK.

So why should you have this polish? When painted on the nails it looks like gold leaf—it glistens and glimmers and actually sparkles as if it contains tiny diamonds. Oddly it doesn’t.

The gold lid is hand-crafted from a solid ingot of yellow gold, and weighs nearly 4 ounces while a total of 1,118 diamonds have been precisely inset weighing over 14 carats of ‘collection’ VVS quality and colors D, E, and F.

Long lasting and easy to apply, the weight of the gold and diamond encrusted lid makes nail painting a doddle – even after a few glasses of Cristal. Still, after spending on a nail polish you wouldn’t want to waste a £5,533 ($8,716) drop.

Gold Rush is available to view and order exclusively from Frost of London,

Frost of London, 108 New Bond Street, London, W1

020 3372 0108