Take a Trip: A First Class Journey with Haute Living and Mr. Brainwash

Mr. Brainwash and Haute Living invite you to journey through Thierry “Brainwash” Guetta’s inner psyche and get a glimpse of just what might be going on beneath this genius’ chapeau at the grand opening of his latest installation, ‘Under Construction’. I can tell you that the installation, which most don’t know is hiding within “that building across from the Setai”, consists of a great many rooms each with an incredibly different approach. What they do have in common, as Mr. B explained during one walk-through, is that “they are all meant to make you feel like you’re on a trip”—and I don’t mean across the Atlantic.

The French artist has made the space feel like it’s truly under construction; complete with oversized robot-looking structures, made entirely out of dismembered barricades, appearing to scale the exterior walls.

To see what’s going on within, come by and join us at 7pm, tonight, December 3rd. Just past the construction tape and flashing police lights you’ll find yourself in an alternate universe brought to you by Brainwash, Belvedere, Dom Pérignon and elite concierge service, The Four Hundred Club—it’s a brilliant union of top notch entities the likes of which you can always count on Haute Living to deliver.

I guess I should also spill the beans that Swizz Beatz is DJing; not that anyone should be too surprised since he’s titled his next album Haute Living, but that’s another story all together.

Friday, December 3rd

2000 Collins Ave.
Miami Beach FL 33139