Diversify Your Shopping at SOWA Holiday Market

The beautiful warm spring and summer days strolling through the SOWA Open Market may seem like distant memories now.  But your need to shop may be greater than ever now as you decorate your house for the holidays and prepare to give gifts to the special people in your life.  And as special as they are, so should their presents be special as well.  Well, this weekend you are in luck as the Seventh Annual SOWA Holiday Market will be open for business Saturday, December 11th and Sunday, December 12th.

Featuring 80 artists and designers from around New England, this is the eclectic shopping experience you have been seeking.  You are sure to give gifts that will not be re-gifted and certainly not duplicated by other gift giving friends and foes.

Items that will be on display and available for purchase include handbags, jewelry, silk-screened t-shirts, baby clothes, pottery, letterpress stationary, re-purposed wool accessories and more. There are also tantalizingly tempting treats from Yummy Mummy Brownies, handmade toys from Zooguu, handmade fun figurines and decorations from Vintage by Crystal (as seen on the Martha Stewart Show), Knit Happens knitwear from the author of Stich ‘n Bitch, and Firewood Furniture’s ceramic and wooden home creations.

Some other vendors in attendance include: Jesse Danger who has dubbed himself an eco-metalsmith resulting in beautiful wearable art; Regan Smith Clark whose artwork hails from old advertising layouts and has made its way onto t-shirts, skateboard decks, prints and accessories; Urban Kitchen homemade soap and accessories; Saya Studio dedicated to one of a kind handbags; GALVIN-ized Headwear offering couture hats and headpieces for the daring and bold; and opaque watercolor paintings, prints, books and cards by Greg Stones.

Admission each just is a mere $5, with children under 12 free. Ample free parking is also available at 500 Harrison Ave. and 540 Harrison Ave. So there’s no excuse not to go, peruse, support local artists and artisans and, if you’re good, maybe you can pick a little something special up for yourself as well.

Locations: Cathedral High School Gym, 74 Union Park at Washington St., South End, Boston 800.403.8305 sowaholidaymarket.com