The Vegetarian Harvest Dinner at craft|Dallas

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and craft|Dallas wants us to know there are options beyond ham and turkey. On November 17th, the upscale eatery inside the W Hotel in Victory Park hosted a Vegetarian Harvest Dinner for gastro buffs looking for a different kind of dining experience, and we got what we asked for. The idea behind the concept was to offer tantalizing vegetarian dishes that veer away from the traditional meat-substitute items, offering a five-course meal consisting of autumn-inspired, fresh ingredients from local farms.

From the very first course we were awe-struck with Chef de Cuisine Jeff Harris’ selections. Miniature samplings of a warm Butternut Squash Soup and Pomegranate,  a puff of Carmelized Onion and Goat Cheese Gougere and a Jerusalem Artichoke Custard with Celery and Grapefruit paired with a sparkling wine was just enough to get the taste buds jolted and ready for the upcoming courses. While the Endive, Pear and Roasted Baby Beets salad was a little soggy and confusing, the following course, a Celery Root Ravioli with Chestnuts, Quince and White Truffle more than made up for it.

The family-style dining table was the perfect backdrop for the fourth course, a six-tier selection of vegetables: an assortment of caramelized mushrooms, baby carrots and turnips with salsa verde, stone ground polenta topped with a tomato jam, Brussels sprouts, a cauliflower au gratin and an heirloom squash puree. After that smorgasbord, it was difficult to have room for the Baked Stuffed Apples and Chocolate Pecan Pie–but we figured it out.

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