Shop This Way: Intermix’s Khajak Keledjian


Of course what INTERMIX represents has evolved over its seventeen years in business and as such this year marks a major rebranding that restates the Keledjian’s original motives but clearly defines the INTERMIX of today. It’s been about working to make it better; and the focus has included everything from the campaign, to the details of the collateral materials associated with the INTERMIX brand: Signage, hangers and shopping bags all revamped to reflect the maturation. “We kept some of the references,” explains Keledjian; “but we changed things like the pink logo which we felt was no longer sophisticated enough.” Now clients will find the familiar pink shade lining the edge of business cards in an effort to approach it in a more discrete way. Some things; however, will never change. “Still intermixing-goes back to styling; that’s our expertise.” Fashion Director, Sari Sloane, and their team of buyers work tirelessly to stock their shelves with pieces that will speak to customers who have been with them since the beginning while also attracting new customers from a broader age range. Of late Keledjian has noticed an overwhelming amount of mothers and daughters shopping together. This hasn’t meant buying more; however. The retail impresario knows the old adage that “less is sometimes more,” and in turn has focused on buying smarter. “We narrowed down our variety by 25 percent and there’s more space—we have the picks of the season, but the store doesn’t feel overwhelmingly full.” This, of course, goes hand in hand with his love affair with the brand—“we buy but we love.” And don’t be alarmed, no brands were cut in this process, only the variety was edited to slender perfection. “Our buyers do a fantastic job,” smiles Keledjian in a nod to his talented team. “We have one vision and mission for our customer; we’re like a SWAT team—smaller and more to the point than an army.” And while trimming the fat has been a key part of this rebranding, they are always open to picking up new lines in an effort to keep their ladies current. “We are open to anything we like. All the time.” The matter of fact response stems from Keledjian’s belief that the creativity of his business lies in trying something new. “Our customer is daring,” he explains. Adding that while some businesses know their customer is comfortable with what they have, the INTERMIX shopper believes that, when it comes to fashion, “the newer the name brand the better.” An experience that he likens to a treasure hunt: “they feel as they were the ones discovering it.” Of course the INTERMIX team provides the map. “We narrow it down for them.” And some of the treasures to be found are exclusive to INTERMIX. “We do a lot of collaborations,” he says. So respected is he amongst the designer set, that labels have created unique pieces exclusively for the INTERMIX boutiques. And aside from taste, talent and grace, Keledjian exudes a humbleness that won’t allow him to boast or gloat, mentioning that he “doesn’t have all the answers,” but lives confident in the knowledge that “as long as there is fashion, and what INTERMIX is selling is fashionable, [we] will always be ahead.”