Yeti. Sasquatch. Chewbacca. Bear Rug. Are these words that describe your body?

The days of hairy chests being cool are over guys. Sorry, Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds. It’s time to manscape.

Women do not like to see (or touch) a hairy back or chest. Protruding nose and ear hairs are just disgusting and hairy privates are a breeding ground for odor, bacteria and germs.

The gals want a smooth clean male body and are more likely to be enticed by shaved or trimmed privates (bonus: trimming the underbrush will make your tree look bigger)!

Manscaping was once limited to cyclists, swimmers, body-builders, models and the Fire Island crowd, but in recent years it has become more and more popular with all types of men.

You may be asking, “How do I do it?” Well there are several options for hair removal:

1. Shaving

This is an inexpensive short-term, painless solution. The razor is a popular grooming technique. Gillette has a hilarious and informative series of videos on how to shave different body parts

2. Trimming

This is the most basic way to keep the lawn length under control. There are two tools: scissors and electric trimmers.  Electric trimmers will give you a uniform length of hair. You have to be careful to cut evenly with scissors or you may end up with scraggly hairs everywhere that look like a drunk Edward Scissorhands gave you a trim.

3. Threading

Threading is an ancient Middle Eastern technique that is becoming increasingly popular with threading shops popping up in every big city as we speak. An esthetician uses a doubled-up strand of cotton thread to twist around individual hairs, then pulls them out from the roots. It’s relatively cheap and painless. It’s good for smaller areas like eyebrows, lips, beards and shoulders.

4. Laser

This is a costly permanent reduction of hair. It requires multiple treatments and results aren’t always 100 percent.

5. Depilatories

These are creams that dissolve hair so that it can be wiped away. Remember the commercials, “Who wears short shorts?” Well, more and more men are! Great for back, arms, chest, legs and around your family jewels but not on them!

6. Waxing

Probably the most beneficial way as far as cost and upkeep.  It offers smooth long-lasting results.

I spoke with my favorite esthetician Jaclyn Allen of the Studio Salons about manscaping and here is what she has to say: “Many more men are becoming part of an elite club of “manscapers.” Manscaping is the fine art of grooming body hair in a detailed manner. Men of all ages, sizes and sexual orientation are taking an interest. It could start with a hint from the girlfriend or they’re just sick of walking around with a uni-brow waiting to be someones next joke. This grooming can be done by waxing, tweezing, trimming, shaving or laser hair removal. Waxing is an affordable and tolerable way to completely remove the hair for a clean thre to six weeks. The more frequent an area is waxed, the more trained the hairs will be to go on a longer interval between appointments. The most common areas treated are the back, chest, arms, ears, posterior neck, nose, underarms and of course beneath the boxers! Hard wax is used on the less flat areas such as nose and ears, etc. since that wax sticks to hair only and not the skin. The more common, flat and larger areas are usually treated with a soft wax and strips to remove the hair in a quick fashion. For those with a low pain threshold, there is a topical anesthetic spray that can be used 30 minutes before waxing to numb the area a bit.”

A few of Jaclyn’s tips to know before going in for a wax.
1. Have a clean working area.
2. Have a dry working area (no lotions please).
3. Try not to shave two weeks beforehand.
4, Ideally let hair grow to a quarter inch (length of rice grain)
5. Wear loose clothing for comfort and hygiene post appointment.

“Abolishing the hair makes for an overall cleaner feel. It’s a hygienic choice for making summer “bare”able. So, if there’s an army of hair fighting to burst out of your T-shirt, schedule your appointment today. Your lover will thank you.”

For an appointment with Jaclyn Allen
 at Studio Salons, 9640 W. Tropicana Ave., call 702.353.6662 or visit

Ladies, treat yourself to one of Jaclyn’s pumpkin or cranberry peels this holiday season. Best facial you’ll ever have.

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