Longines: Defining Elegance for Nearly Two Centuries

The Attitude of Elegance

“I think elegance comes as a part of a level of confidence,” says Winslet, “of being comfortable in your own skin.” Perhaps that’s why Longines has long enjoyed a motto that boasts “Elegance is an Attitude,’” approaching a watch as a sort of second skin, an extension of oneself.

 “My sense of style has changed;” she explains, “and in the last five years it’s really become more about simplicity and comfort.”

And Winslet has taken notice of the grand gesture that being selected to represent that really is: “For me, being part of this wonderful company as myself is truly the most flattering gesture that has been made by Longines.” For Kate Winslet elegance is simplicity and grace and style and comfort; all things that she feels “seem to go hand-in-hand with la Dolce Vita.” But the DolceVita isn’t the only Longines watch that makes Winslet feel elegant, the Oscar winning actress fancies the Flagship Heritage Chronograph as well for it’s classic, family heirloom quality. “My sense of style has changed;” she explains, “and in the last five years it’s really become more about simplicity and comfort.” Another reference to the idea that true luxury is to find elegance and beauty in comfort. “And if you feel comfortable in what you’re wearing you can wear it better; you can feel confident walking down a red carpet with all of those photographers and all those people surrounding you.” An appropriate analogy as the Longines commercial trails the three stars as they escape flashing paparazzi bulbs through the streets of Rome, running against fleeting time but all the while enjoying the sweet spontaneity of life—an all too familiar concept for the Swatch Group-owned brand that has so long embraced the elegance of watchmaking.

Moving Forward; Giving Back

Even almost two centuries of success later, Longines continues to evolve their definition of elegance. Today, social responsibility has taken its rank amongst the brand’s priorities and even their ambassadors are only too eager to follow suit. “The responsibility that I feel [towards Longines] is to maintain a sense of elegance that goes hand in hand with what they believe in. For example, they do a lot of charitable work,” mentioned Winslet. “I do the same thing in my own life and to hang on to those standards [I believe] is very important; it is a job that I’m doing, it is a role that I’m playing, I am representing something for them I’m only too happy to be.”

It’s true that luxury has evolved to mean more than the face value of objects; it’s obtained much more soul. Longines is at the forefront of that movement, getting involved in social work and charity, supporting children, education, sports, and training. “The truth is,” adds Winslet, “we are extremely fortunate to be in the positions we’re in and should we have the luxury to give and to share and to do good in the world, particularly for children, we have to do it. We all have to do it.” The honor, she continues, of being part of a company that gives back in such a big way is something she finds incredibly important.“ As individuals you can only do so much in your own small way, but to feel part of something that’s bigger, that is doing something on a more wide spread level is tremendous, because we wouldn’t have any kind of a world if we didn’t have charity and giving and sharing—to be under the umbrella of a company that does this as successfully as Longines makes me feel really fortunate.” Spoken like an Ambassador of Longines Elegance.