Haute Dining SF: Ozumo

Ozumo is an upscale restaurant specializing in modern Japanese sushi and cuisine. They have locations in the Financial District in San Francisco, a second location in Oakland, as well as a recently opened restaurant in Santa Monica, California.

Ozumo is a gorgeous venue, offering multiple dining options including their sake lounge, main dining room, and sushi bar in addition to private dining facilities. One of the things I love upon entering Ozumo is their cultural authenticity. Every guest is greeted by waiters and chefs who stop to offer a friendly “irasshaimase”, which is standard welcome in any Japanese store or restaurant.

To begin our meal we started with a dish I found surprisingly delicious, the Chiyogga beet salad with wasabi vinaigrette. Never a big fan of beets, or salads for that matter, I found the spicy zing of wasabi in the vinaigrette a fantastic punch to a typically tame dish of lettuce.

Their nigiri sushi was not only fresh and high quality, but also perfectly sliced. We enjoyed all the offerings of Copper River salmon, Kindai Toro, Aji, and Bluenose. In addition their Hotate Toryufu plate consisting of Hokkaido Scallops served in a truffle ponzu sauce was a unique take on a scallop sashimi dish. 

Ozumo has a variety of new seasonal plates to add to their already impressive menu. Diners can now enjoy braised dishes. The Tontoro is Kurobuta pork with brussel sprouts has a decadently soft texture with an amazing punch of flavor. The Nikujaga offers Masami beef cheeks braised in sweet soy sauce that is a wonderfully tender dish. Both dishes are fantastic comfort food for a cold fall evening.

Having been a guest at Ozumo for a few meals in my lifetime, I could not finish my meal without experiencing my favorite plate, the Gindara, which is a miso marinated black cod. It is always flavorful, comforting and a big crowd pleaser.

For desert, we thoroughly enjoyed the figs in kuromitsu served with house made sponge cake and vanilla ice cream. It is so sweet and light that it is reminiscent of a Japanese pancake.

Ozumo is the perfect choice for lovers of high end Japanese cuisine. Visit this restaurant to enjoy a meal with friends, set in a gorgeous restaurant space in San Francisco.

For reservations at Ozumo San Francisco, call 415.882.1333 or visit www.ozumo.com for additional location information.