Haute Designers: Kara Mann Design

The picturesque interior scene of a Michigan Avenue residence is done by Kara Mann. Her interiors are beautiful with a mix of classic and modern, in addition to being full of life. I was lucky enough to have this exclusive interview with Mann for Haute Living. In the interview you get an idea of how Mann got into design and some of the most popular pieces at the Chicago showroom. If you’re in the Chicago area be sure to stop in the showroom and see in person some really great pieces.

What inspired you to get into design?
When I graduated from Tulane University with a degree in fine art, I thought, “Now how do I make a living with an art degree?” I began work as a stylist and found myself doing a lot of lifestyle and tabletop styling while working for one of the top architectural photography companies in Chicago. It was during a photo shoot for House Beautiful that the light bulb went off : interior design. Of course! I immediately enrolled in the night program at Harrington Institute of Interior Design and the rest is history!

If you could describe your Chicago showroom in one sentence what would it be?

The union of modest glamor and sleek sophistication with edgy, yet elegant, furniture, fabric, wallpaper and rug lines.

What are some of the more popular pieces in your showroom?

The Lumiere by Jean de Merry

The Jewel Coffee Table by MAGNI Home Collection

The Drizzle Chandelier by Ochre

Of course, the Skull Lamp by Blackman Cruz, which explains why I got pegged as the “goth” designer early on in my career.

Have you worked with any celebrities that you care to share with us?
We’ve had some fun clients. We’ve worked with an actor, a movie producer and a hotelier, but out of respect for our clients, I can’t share this information.

Who are some of your favorite designers?

Oh, so many inspiring and amazing designers that influence me all of the time. Some of these include Roman and Williams and Piet Boon.

What is your future plan for Kara Mann Design?

I would love to expand the showroom side of the business in other cities and continue to represent new and amazing lines. Maybe a furniture line, one day? Oh, and I would love to a do a project in Europe!

How can one learn more about Kara Mann Design?
Visit the Web site Karamann.com and view the beautiful collections we represent and check out some of our recent design projects.