Haute Coats for Cool Weather at First Thursdays on Dragon Street

Ah, Dragon Street. The strong arm of the Design District, Dragon Street plays host to an art fair every first Thursday of the month, and, rain or shine, folks come out to take a gander at the various shops carrying vintage fashions and furniture as well as the luxurious design houses and art galleries. They all keep their doors open late and their complimentary cocktails at the ready to entice buyers with their elaborate wares, and this was especially true this Thursday when “Amorous Adventuress” showcased their fabulous coats and jewelry for the first time here in Dallas.

A local dynamic duo, actress Ronnie Claire Edwards and Marty Van Kleeck craft their one-of-a-kind coats from lavish, antique materials. The long, woolen creations are made from turn of the century sleigh blankets with couture hand-stitched embellishments and fabulous lining, running around $1400. A lighter but no less extravagant cotton version of the long coats is made from tapestries from the mid-1900’s, illustrating Spanish dancers, Arabian princesses and colorful peacocks. These coats run around $1200. Some of the overcoats have real lamb hair or feathers at the collar and sleeves, making the piece that much more grandiose.

But possibly the most spectacular tidbit in the pair’s designs came with the ornamental necklaces, crafted from antique chandelier drops and brothel coins that Ronnie Claire herself collects. These rare pieces list the brothel name and place (i.e. Madame Eva’s, Chicago) and were reportedly used as currency in the houses in the early 20th century. These unique pieces run a mere $200.