Wellendorff Opens Its First North American Boutique in San Francisco

For more than 115 years, Wellendorff has been one of the world’s finest jewelry manufacturers. Still today, the Wellendorff name is synonymous with exquisiteness, from their succulent Chocolate Fantasy Turning Rings and glimmering Brilliance of the Sun Bracelets to their colorful Rings of the Year collectors pieces.

The company is guided by the fourth generation of the Wellendorff family, managed by Christoph Wellendorf, who explains, “Our family motto is Wahre Werte, which translates to genuine values. The value and intrinsic beauty of our jewelry is more than just the design and the quality of craftsmanship. It’s the feeling you get when you wear it. You can literally recognize a Wellendorf piece — with its silk-like smoothness, suppleness, warmth and weight — with your eyes closed.”

To add to its prestige, very piece of Wellendorf jewelry is handcrafted in Pforzheim, Germany, each uniquely signed with a diamond W for an extra-special, personalized touch.

And in just a few weeks, you too can enjoy the intrinsic beauty of Wellendorf. On Oct. 29, they will open their first ever North American boutique at Shreve & Co. in the heart of San Francisco. Wellendorff says, “To us, San Francisco is the right place to be. The city has a spirit of innovation and sophistication. I love the San Francisco passion for the arts — the opera and ballet, and the finer things in life such as fine wine and cuisine.”

The Wellendorff boutique will be a separate section within Shreve & Co.’s Post Street store, which also happens to be San Francisco’s oldest retailer. The boutique will be complete with its very own viewing area and coffee bar.  In addition, Wellendorff will be making a ring that will only be available in San Francisco, adding to the exclusivity of the collection.

For more information, visit www.wellendorff.com.

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