Haute Time: Time is of the Essence

The team at Tourbillon, Wall Street thrives under the leadership of general manager Michael Winston, who embodies the Group’s mantra of “professionalism;” another remark from Ebling and one that seems accurate as it was a recurring theme with other customers we spoke to. In fact, New York-based Steve Baktidy comes to visit Winston and his watches at least once a month to enjoy a sales method that’s “not about the pressure of sales, and in turn quite welcoming.” Baktidy adds, “Michael’s approach isn’t of a salesperson’s; it’s of someone who has a strong passion for watches and just wants to tell you all about it.”

Both gentlemen also made note of supreme efficiency at Tourbillon, kudos that are fitting for a Swiss watch house that might liken their reliability to that of the timepieces they offer—swift, sleek, and reliable.

And while the Swatch Group brands have individual, eponymous boutiques dotting New York City, there’s something to be said about having all that and more in one trusted location. “We want our clients to feel that special connection with their timepiece knowing it is something they could only find at a Tourbillon Boutique,” says Faivet. And they’ve succeeded, according to Ebling. “It’s rare to be able to find a store with so many top brands under one roof. The ability to have the assortment [that they have at Tourbillon] and selection for comparing and contrasting is absolutely key.” Some of the special timepieces unique to their boutique include the Breguet Tradition 7047, Blancpain Quattro Tourbillon, Glashütte Originals’ Senator Chronometer, and Jaquet Droz Grande Heure to start, but Faivet lets on that, “of course, new exceptional models arrive monthly.” Shopping at Tourbillon is an experience one may equate to a reoccurring birthday; for those who frequent Tourbillon, there’s always a reason to indulge in a new gift for oneself.

With 19 locations punctuating the globe, one wonders what drove the decision to open the second U.S. outpost in the Wall Street area of New York city as opposed to the area around 57th Street, for example. “The company thinks long term, and the financial district is not just about financial institutions anymore,” Faivet explains. “It’s becoming a full blown New York neighborhood. Plus, the area around 57th Street is clearly saturated in terms of luxury retail.” The saturation is aided by some of the Swatch Group’s brands’ free-standing boutiques, including Breguet and Blancpain on Madison Avenue; and Omega and a soon-to-arrive flagship Breguet boutique on Fifth Avenue.

Regardless, it’s less about the location and more about what Tourbillon offers as a destination. Special, private events even bring clients back after hours. “I’m like a kid in a candy store,” says Ebling. “They basically close the store for the evening, redecorate tables, and have a very finely catered event.” Usually there is a guest of honor of the timepiece orientation. “When there is a very special piece of which very few are made and most stores don’t have readily available, Tourbillon makes the watches available for viewing and for purchase,” Ebling says. It’s a type of extravagance that seems all too appropriate for a boutique at which no request is too large or too small.