The Hermès of Real Estate: Premier Estate Properties

Let’s Talk Numbers

As I perused the brochures featuring their currently listed multi-million dollar properties, the photos themselves lend an idea to the type of estates Premier Estate Properties represent. Premier Estate Properties currently leads the industry with an average listing of $3.6 million and an average sale of $3.3 million, as well as generating more record-breaking sales in more communities than other companies in their geographic market. In addition, the firms’ world renowned estate portfolio totals more than $1.4 billion, reflecting the trust and confidence of their select clientele.

The People and The Service

With 28 of the country’s top-tier estate agents, it is evident that the brokers/owners take pride in their valued colleagues; many of whom individually produce higher numbers in sales and listings than some entire companies. The brokers/owners also express the importance of the company’s corporate manager, Laura A. Liguori, and the administrative team of professionals dedicated and committed to the excellence of the operational infrastructure of Premier Estate Properties. The company’s reputation from past clients reflects their unprecedented service, thus garnering a loyal clientele.

One Company. One Vision. One Brand.

Something that many prominent real estate firms often fail at is a solid, consistent brand image. For Premier Estate Properties, this is not the case. “Our focus is always on quality—quality service, quality marketing, quality properties,” Gerard Liguori explains. This emphasis on quality transcends into all facets of the company. Even their brochures are seemingly handcrafted one-by-one on glossy cover stock. Keeping the brand in tact, only professional photographers, copywriters, and graphic designers are used. From this consistency, discerning clients know they can rely on this same quality throughout all six Premier Estate Properties offices.

Award-Winning Marketing

Premier Estate Properties takes pride in their unmatched strategies for marketing their ultra-luxury properties, aiming to “uncover and capitalize on every opportunity to sell our clients’ important properties,” emphasizes D’Angelo. The brokerage firm won four prestigious CNBC/New York Times awards including one for best real estate marketing in the United States. Their unique marketing approach includes EP Magazine, a 100-page annual publication that showcases their entire Estate Portfolio and is distributed to a selection of Forbes 400, Fortune 500, athletes, celebrities, politicians, and other highly influential people. In addition, EP Monthly, a periodical that features a selection of their listed properties is strategically mailed regionally to more than 12,000 homeowners of million dollar-plus properties.

Another marketing strategy includes, by invitation only, open house galas that are held at various listed properties. These gatherings allow for an elite group of prospective purchasers to enjoy the luxuries of one of Premier Estate Properties’ exquisite estates. They have also partnered with the world’s top luxury brands including Rolls-Royce, Cartier, Ritz-Carlton, Neiman Marcus, Aston Martin, UBS, US Trust, Trinity Yachts, Bentley Motor Cars, and Marquis Jet in successful efforts to co-brand these events. At one event, Premier Estate Properties partnered with Christie’s Auction House where approximately $100 million in artwork and jewelry were displayed at their listed $28 million oceanfront estate.

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