Haute New Luxury Handbag Swap Business: decktOut

When I first learned about the new luxury handbag  exchange I just had to share with you guys at Haute Living. Founded by Liza Adams decktOut is the place to go to swap out a bag within your luxury handbag collection and trade it in for something that you always wanted or something that just catches your eye. There is a cost associated with swapping out but this cost is minimal compared to going out and actually purchasing a new one.

To see what they have you will have to request a membership from decktOut’s website.

Here is my exclusive interview with Liza Adams of the Boston based decktOut.

How did you come about founding the Boston based decktOut?
Whenever we were getting ready to head out for the night, my best friend, Lauren, and I would always rummage through each others closet in search of something ‘new’ to wear. At some point last summer, borrowing clothes turned into swapping them. The deal worked like this: if Lauren wanted something of mine, I could pick something out of her closet and vice versa.

A few weeks after this swapping began, I was browsing my closet and noticed a handbag that I spent a small fortune on yet barely used. I wished I had someone to swap that bag with and thought “what if people all over the country could exchange luxury items with each other…” Since Lauren and I were best friends we already had established trust. I wanted to create a space that users could trust. Where people would be guaranteed they were exchanging authentic, high quality items.

Please explain how decktOut works.
Users answer six questions about a bag that’s sitting in their closet. Based on their input, a point value is instantly generated. They then send in their bag to be checked for quality and authenticity. As soon as it’s approved, their points are available to shop for something new.

What is the main reason why a customer would use your service?
DecktOut allows users to update their luxury collection without hassle while keeping their wallets full. Not only is it easy, low cost and fun, it also allows users to stay green while looking fabulous.

Can you explain the points system that decktOut uses and give us an example?
Users are asked to answer six questions when submitting a handbag: brand, style, material, color, condition and original packaging. Based on their input, a point value is generated. For instance, lets say I have a Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 that shows minimal wear. I’d submit that bag and receive 500 points for it. At that point, I’d be asked to select a shipping option and send my bag in. Once my Speedy has been received and approved by decktOut, my 500 points would be available to pick out a new bag of equal or lesser point value from their online collection. If I have my eye on a bag worth more points, I could submit another bag to earn more points.

What are the costs associated with using your service?
The cost of an exchange is $50. That includes two-day shipping both ways. No hidden fees.

How can you be sure that you are not dealing with a fake bag?
We have authentication experts review all of our bags to ensure they’re authentic. This is part of the approval process that each bag goes through.

Where do you see your company in one year from now?
I’d love to see decktOut expand beyond handbags, giving members the opportunity to exchange one luxury item for another.

Who are some of your favorite designers?
Christian Dior and Chanel. On a budget, BCBGMAXAZRIA. For handbags, Chloé, Jimmy Choo and Balenciaga.

Favorite spots in Boston:
I’m a Back Bay girl. People laugh at me because it’s a tourist hot spot but you can’t beat walking down Newbury Street or strolling through Copley Place and The Shops at Prudential Center. Almost anything you could want is within a few blocks of each other. Charles Street in Beacon Hill also has some fabulous little boutiques. As for dinning, my favorites are Abe & Louie’s, Sorellina and Davio’s.

Where can one learn more about joining decktOut?
Head over to www.decktOut.com for more information on exactly how the process works. Request a membership and we’ll get you into decktOut as soon as possible.