Haute Drives: 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5

I have been struck by lighting via the automotive gods and the car that has done such a thing to me is the new 2010 Tesla Roadster Sport S.
As a brief background, Tesla vehicles are developed out of California and are the result of serial entrepreneur Elon Musk take’s on what the modern day sports car should be. Seeing on the streets is quite the rarity and driving one is even more rare.

The first thing that amazed me about this new all electric sports car is how quiet the Roadster is: quiet and roadster have never been in the same sentence before that is until the development of the Tesla Roadster Sport S. Those attending the event for this test-drive session were press and prospective buyers and all agreed that the quietness of the car is just out of this world.  Even Prius drivers sent envious glares at me in the Roadster as I was driving but maybe that was because of the look of the car or the fact that they could never keep up.

What is also out of this world is the shear make-you-scream-like -performance. Has a sports car you have driven make you scream with excitement? If not seek the most desolate road and open up the Roadster to see what I mean. The speed is just unexplainable as you power your way up to 60 mph in just 3.7 seconds (that is what Tesla quotes as the note to sixty, and I believe them). There is torque galore and the power is non stop as this car is only “one gear” and the Roadster does not need to shift gears like  performance cars such as the Porsche 911 Turbo or Lamborghini Gallardo.

There is also a subtle side to the Roadster as well and you can drive the car through out city streets at posted speed limits in total comfort listening to the Alpine powered stereo. Such a technologically advanced car also means that your iPod or iPhone isn’t forgot about and is easily hooked up to the stereo.

The curviest roads are simple a dream to drive through as the steering is point and go and tight as can be. I sampled roads in Lexington near the Minuteman National Historic Park and felt like a long road trip would be something worth taking in the Roadster. Of course your road trip would have to be under 245 miles as then you would need to power up your Tesla at the nearest electric plug.

Driving around downtown area gas stations stood out to me and made me think what life would be like without them?

If I could experience life without having a need for gas in a car like a Tesla then life would be damn good. No more stopping for gas and more driving in a car that has performance, handling and exclusivity.

The future looks bright and if a Roaster is not for you then there will be a sedan known as the Model S, which should cost half the price of the Roadster.

2010 Tesla Roadster Sport 2.5
288 hp (215 kW) at 4,400-6,000 rpm
Max rpm:14,000
Top Speed: 125 mph
0-60: 3.7 Seconds
Expected battery life:Seven Years or 100,000 miles
Price Range: $109,000 to $128,500

Learn more at the Tesla Motors official web site.

Joseph De Lucca is a Haute Living contributing editor and also publishes the luxury automotive lifestyle Web site LuxVelocity.com.