Happy B-day, Mr. Prime Minister! Russian Journalism Students Posed for Racy Calendar for Mr. Putin.

Russia’s influential Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who was named the person of the year in 2007 by The New York Times Magazine, has received a provocative present today on his 58th birthday: students of the Moscow’s most renowned university posed for a racy calendar especially for Putin.

The calendar, called “Vladimir Vladimirovich, We love you. Happy Birthday Mr Putin,” features 12 women wearing only underwear and posing at the camera with spicy slogans, such as “You put out the forest fires, but I’m still burning,” “You only get better with the years” and “How about a third time”, referring to rumors he could run for the presidency again

The women are all named as school of journalism students at the Moscow State University (it’s my alma-mater as well).

All the models posed for free. The idea of the calendar was to show girls who are not professional models, but girls who have some political opinion, who have already achieved some success.

The man behind that provocative idea, one of the creators of the calendar, Maxim Perlin, 22, said, “We chose girls from our acquaintances and friends. I am a journalist and my friends are journalists.” He also added that said that it has an empowering message.

About 50,000 copies of the calendar went on sale in Russia a day ago for $8.73 each.

The appearance of the calendar caused a stir in Russia. It was derided in the press as “shameful” devaluation of the whole Russian media. The head of the School of Journalism, Yasen Zasursky, slammed the calendar as “a model of bad taste.”

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