Chic Feet: Scarpasa Makes Office Shoes Sexy

It’s that time again: 8:30 in the morning. You’re running late, and you are standing in your closet, helplessly eyeballing your two shoe options that match the killer dress suit you’re donning. On the one hand, you’ve got those sweet Louboutin’s, the ones that make your calves look amazing but also earn you disapproving glances from your boss. On the other, those safe, boring flats that will keep you comfy and under the dress code radar. What do you do?

Well, scrap the indecision and go with Scarpasa, for one. Created for the stylish woman on the go, Scarpasa makes it their mission to curate a collection of wearable, low-heel shoes that are great for any occasion, work or play. Independant designers from all over the world can be found on the website, from Gino Ventori to Ink and Chie Mihara, all offering gorgeous lines of leather booties, ballet flats and more. Plus their new looks for fall will go with any fashion-forward ensemble–check out all the animal prints and fringe-factored footwear. Prices range from $100-$400 per pair.