Cattle Baron’s Ball: Success Story with Special Visitors

Last year’s Cattle Baron’s Ball might have been a bit soggy, but that didn’t stop the invitees from having a ball, who year after year weigh in heavily to contribute to the biggest single-night fundraiser for cancer research in the world. This year’s event was no exception, the 37th annual ball which took place on October 9th at the same locale as last year’s romp: Southfork Ranch.

It may be well known to many folks from Dallas, but perhaps it is even more well known by those foreign to the South who love the show Dallas, which features the Ewing family in just that same two-story, white ranch house. Spectators still flock to Southfork Ranch from all over the globe to take a tour of the Ewing Mansion, which never really was filmed in to begin with, but now serves as a museum to the fictitious family’s belongings.

Which may be why Southfork is such a prime place for a charity event named after cattle barons. This year’s State Fair-themed party featured headliners Alan Jackson and Jack Ingram, along with a carnival-like bell-ringing game (complete with sledge hammer) which made a lot of muscular cowboys appear hopelessly inept.

After 36 years, the Cattle Baron’s Ball has raised over $40 million for cancer research. Among this year’s attendees were screenwriter Robert Harling and author Kim Gatlin, both in cahoots to make Gatlin’s infamous “fictional” book, Good Christian Bitches, into a TV series, a task directed from Sex and the City producer Darren Star. The duo made laps, taking in the scenery of Texas wealth, weight loss and wicked fashion.

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