World’s Most Expensive Car Wax

For those who have more than a passing interest in automobiles, car maintenance is of the upmost importance.  From top-of-the-line body work to the best car washes money can buy, car enthusiasts will stop at nothing to maintain their priceless collector vehicles. In that spirit, Brough & Howarth has unveiled their rare line of car wax, named “Definite Wax Marble”. At $37,000 a container, this product is by far the most expensive car wax in the world.

Brough & Howarth is a“members only” UK car company that specializes in car care and maintenance for luxury vehicles. They deem themselves as vehicle appearance specialists, and have everything one needs for perfect car preservation. Now with the addition of their “Definite Wax Marble” they have easily unveiled themselves as being one of the most exclusive auto body shops in the world.

One might ask, why does the wax cost so much?  For starters, the wax container is handcrafted from exclusive marble imported from Athens, Greece. In addition, the wax itself is composed of refined fruit oils, luxurious Greek beeswax, and imported canauba wax from northern Brazil. Beyond the rarity of these fine ingredients, Brough & Howarth has only concocted one 480mL pot of the “Definitive Wax Marble”. The wax however is not for retail. It is only available through wax services in their single London location. Due its exclusivity and limited supply, interested buyers should contact Brough & Howarth immediately for further information.

Brough & Howarth is located at Suite 250, 162-168 Regent Street, London, W1B 5TD. For more information call +44 (0) 207 060 9201 or visit