Sugar Shock: Haute 5 Desserts in Atlanta

Dessert is the best part of the meal.  While we often opt to skip the dessert, you may think again when you hear about some of the best sweets and desserts Atlanta has to offer.  Whether you are a frequent diner in Atlanta or just here for a visit, here is your guide to five of the best desserts.  These desserts are so good, in fact, that it is essential to save room. Another dose of sugar to calm those sweet cravings we all get. 

Café Intermezzo

This cool European style restaurant and coffee bar is the best place for a sugary indulgence. After your meal, or even instead of your meal, head over to the bakery side of Cafe Intermezzo and pick out exactly what you would like. The cake flavors change daily and they are a perfect way to end an evening. Or, you can simply order one of the hundreds of choices from the menu. A favorite of mine is the White Chocolate Raspberry Cake  

Café Intermezzo is located at 1845 Peachtree Rd. 404.355.0411

Chocolate Pink Cafe

Chocolate Pink Cafe  is a heavenly match for the dessert set. And if you are chocolate lover, you will find yourself strolling over to this midtown café far too often. You must try the chocolate truffles. These delicacies are molded from the finest dark, milk and white chocolate with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. Each chocolate is an edible work of art made with premium quality chocolate, butter, spices, nuts, purées and flavors. The truffles also make great host gifts.

Chocolate Pink Café is located at 905 Juniper St. 404.745.9292


Well known Atlanta pastry chef Jonathan St. Hilaire opened a bakery all his own last year. BAKESHOP’S shelves are stocked full with house made tarts, cakes, cookies, sorbets and ice creams. Options change seasonally ensuring there is always something new to try. My favorite is the little mason jars filled with amazing combinations, such as Creamy Chocolate and Olive Oil or a Carrot Cake Concoction. They are just the size to get that sugar high.  And they look really cool too.

Bakeshopis located at 903 Peachtree Street. 404.892.9322 

White Chocolate Banana Cream Pie at Buckhead Diner

For as long as I can remember, this has been my favorite dessert in Atlanta. Apparently, I am not the only one, considering it has won a James Beard award.  As a child, I celebrated all my birthdays at Buckhead Diner because I just loved the banana cream pie.  The Buckhead Diner has changed and evolved many menu items from my childhood days, but thankfully, the White Chocolate Banana Crème Pie is still the same creamy delicacy.  

The Buckhead Diner is located at 3073 Piedmont Rd.  404.262.3336

 JCT Kitchen

This Westside Southern-toned restaurant is a great spot to go with a group of friends.  While the food is really great, you may want to leave some sugar room for the dessert menu because they always have a list of tantalizing temptations.  My favorite at JCT Kitchen is the Lemon Meyer Doughnuts. They give a Krispy Kreme a run for their money and they are great to share.

JCT is located at 1198 Howell Mill Rd. 404.355.2252