Russian Polo Cup Gathers Fans Despite the Stormy Weather

Russian Open Polo Cup, held in the last weekend of August, is on the pinnacle in the Moscow social and sporting calendar. Organized by the Moscow Polo Club, the championship marked the end of the summer and the end of the playing season. This is the fourth year that this tournament takes place and it has already become traditional and one of the most prestigious events in a polo sport calendar. The tournament is intended to expand the circle of polo fans and increase the popularity of that prestigious game in Russia.

Although polo has a long history in Russia, it was originally introduced to Russia in 1870 during the rule of Tsar Alexander II and had gained great popularity among the Russian aristocracy by the reign of Alexander III. However, after the Revolution in 1917, the game was abruptly discontinued. And only in the 1990s did the immigrant’s community here restore the tradition of playing polo in Russia.

This year Russian Open Cup was held at a new golf and polo playground “Tseleevo,” located in the countryside not far from the capital. During the game, three participating teams had to fight not only with each other, but also with the capricious weather conditions that repeatedly has tried to make the game even more dangerous. Despite the rain and chill, the sporting event gathered quite a lot of spectators. The fans watched the game from the white marquee, where hot tea and other warming drinks were served. The match was exciting and spectacular. Intense fighting and intrigue remained until the last minute of the tournament.

As a result two teams have won at once and shared the title of Champions of Russia 2010 in polo.