Primp Your Pet At Fort Worth’s New Spa Paws Hotel

You know how you like to live when you’re away from home. Five stars, 80-minute massages and 1500 thread count sheets–only the finest hotels can lure you away from your abode. But when it comes to your pet, how often does your loving Fido or Fifi get the star treatment? Why shouldn’t your lap dog sit in the lap of luxury once and awhile?

Enter Spa Paws Hotel, Fort Worth’s newest accommodation location, a 20,000 square foot resort slated to open early next month. Spa Paws will have everything you and your four-legged companion could want and more, creating a haven where pet and master will be treated as royalty. Whether you come simply for an afternoon at Paws Enchantment Spa, indulging in massages, facials, and aromatherapy, or are treating yourself  and your best friend to a weekend of pampering, Spa Paws promises your experience will be extraordinary.

Dine together at the Paws Cafe, where your pet can devour the latest in wellness formula foods or partake in whatever their strict diet allows, or get room service so Princess can chow down in her satin and chenille bed. The best rooms will overlook an atrium featuring robotic squirrels running around (something to skip if your canine has squirrel frenzy.) Meanwhile the Paws Boutique will offer top of the line luxury items, from Swarovski-crystal collars to fashions from Ed Hardy and Coreen Cordova jewelry.

Of course, hotel owner Janice Ford Grimes emphasizes that the real attraction at Spa Paws is the Wellness Center, which will focus on using Eastern medicine to soothe the aches, pains and other illnesses befalling your pet, with classes like “doga” and services such as acupuncture and accupressure.

Spa Paws Hotel, 251 Carroll Street, Fort Worth, 817.850.9000,