Most Expensive Item on Amazon is an internet giant when it comes to the world of e-commerce. Though the site originated as an online retailer for books, it has since expanded beyond the bookstore and into the market of selling almost every online product one can imagine. Consumers can purchase commodities from electronics to clothing, furniture, and even gourmet groceries. Products from basic necessities to luxurious goods are available to purchase through This even includes rare diamonds.

Through customers can buy a wide assortment of diamond dripped jewelry. They have earrings, engagement ring, necklaces and broaches. Though these are notable possessions indeed, the most expensive item is their 8 carat heart-shaped diamond. It measures an impressive 13.99mm in length and 13.9mm in width and weighs a hefty 2.6 ounces.

This gorgeous piece of bling is GIA certified. It is classified as having a good cut, and the highest color and clarity grades, with a D color and IF clarity. These high grades make it not only an extremely expensive, but also an extremely rare diamond. This flawless diamond retails for a stunning $914,045. It ships fully insured in a luxury finished-wood box accompanied by a diamond grading report from GIA and a cleaning and care card. For that price, it better ship “FREE with Super Saver Shipping”!

The “Certified Diamond (Heart, Good cut, 8.00 carats, D color, IF clarity)” is available through purchase on For more information on this piece as well as the Jewelry Collection, visit their website at