Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week: Buckler Runway Show

If any designer has mastered the art of menswear, it’s Andrew Buckler. What started out as a jeans-only line back in 2001 has evolved into a complete identity of its own. Over the past decade, Buckler has made a name for himself as a pioneer for the modern-day casual-chic male. His collections effortlessly blend the styles of laid-back Americans with polished Brits into a class of their own. When asked about how he would describe his line, he told, “If you put Urban Outfitters and Gucci into a blender, you’ll get a bit of Buckler.” A fashion archetype of Ashton Kutcher meets George Clooney, if you will.

Buckler debuted his Spring/Summer 2011 collection yesterday during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. About 20 or so all-American male models took rugged strides down the runway to classic jazz remixes in clothing that epitomized the term “casual luxury.”

From just-below-the-knee shorts and cropped pants to fitted blazers over loose tees and hooded sweatshirts, Buckler showed that men can be fashionable without necessarily being effeminate. Neutral colors ruled this season’s collection with variations of grays, browns and blues with hints of other colors like the pair of faded red pants. One of the standout pieces of the show was the classic khaki trench coat. Buckler seems to adhere to a “mix and match” philosophy, where men can have many options (layering being a main one) but they don’t have to think too hard about getting it perfect.

Suits and ties are fine, but Buckler proves that any man can be stylish and sophisticated, even in shorts.

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