Megan Fox and Cristiano Ronaldo Steam Up Armani Ads

Emporio Armani has released a series of two 25-second sneak peak clips for their new underwear campaign. The two short videos star none other than sexy soccer stud, Cristiano Ronaldo and seductress and Hollywood starlet, Megan Fox. With their near perfect bodies and sex symbol images, these soon-to-be-released videos may just be the sexiest adverts in history.

In “Housekeeping” a hotel maid is busy cleaning a guest room when in saunters a nearly naked Cristiano Ronaldo in Armani briefs. He grabs his jeans off the bed without noticing the housekeeper and proceeds to get dressed, while the maid tries her best to stop staring. Being as it is Cristiano Ronaldo in all his buff glory, she obviously fails, and ends the video with a satisfied smile.

In “The Tip”, a room service waiter knocks on a hotel door. The door is answered by Megan Fox, wearing only a white Armani robe and black lace Armani lingerie. He tries to hide his shock as she gives the waiter a smile and asks him to put the tray of food over by the window. As the video ends, the waiter wheels the cart into the room, as Fox starts to close the door and slinks over in his direction.

Both videos end with the teasing line “Want More? Sept 15 on” With a sexy campaign like that, I am sure their website servers are bound to crash. Visit on Sept. 15, 2010 to view the full campaign videos. Until then, watch the “Housekeeping” and “The Tip” sneak peeks.