Life’s Sweet at Longines: Swiss Watchmaker Longines Taps New Talent to Promote the Relaunch of their Dolce Vita Collection

When it came time to add an ambassadress to their already impressive lineup of leading ladies, Longines opted to go with a woman whose reputation as an example of elegance precedes her: Kate Winslet.

The criteria was simple; Longines] sifte through names of powerful icons to find the woman who could best embody the brand’s tagline, “Elegance is an Attitude.” Winslet was a no brainer. She joins forces with existing Ambassadors for Elegance Aishwarya Rai and Chi Ling Lin to complete a trifecta composed of a strong cross section of cultural representatives. Winslet’s selection speaks to Longines’ belief that elegance knows no boundaries.

For this particular display of elegance, the brand shipped their starlets to Rome, the perfect backdrop for the production of the campaign and short film that will quickly spread the message of the Dolce Vita Collection across the world.

Haute Living caught up with the Longines ladies in the Eternal City for a weekend of celebration that started with the unveiling of the identity of their latest addition and ended with a gala at the famed Villa Miani where guests viewed for the first time “The Dolce Vita” film under a fireworks-lit sky.

And somewhere between deplaning and dessert we chatted with the British beauty about her definition of elegance, her plans for the brand and the experience of shooting a film where the character in question was none other than herself.

For the full 411, catch the entire interview in Haute Living this winter.