Japanese Elixir: The Top 5 Sake Joints in San Francisco

Fresh sushi is never complete without a glass or two of authentic Japanese sake.  From restaurants to stores and beyond, here is where you can find the best sake offerings in the Bay Area.

Tsunami Sushi

This sake flanked sushi joint offers over 150 varieties of sake.  They operate two trendy locations, one in the Panhandle and the other in Mission Bay.

Tsunami Sushi is located at both 1306 Fulton St., San Francisco.  For reservations, call 415.567.7664, or visit www.dajanigroup.net.

Corkage Sake & Wine Shop

This sake shop claims to offer the city’s most expansive selection.  Located next to Tsunami Sushi Panhandle, it allows diners to buy their own bottle to enjoy with their meal for a small corkage fee.

Corkage Sake & Wine Shop is located at 1302 Fulton St., San Francisco.  For more information call 415.567.6503 or visit www.dajanigroup.net.

True Sake

True Sake was the first dedicated sake store located outside of Japan.  They stock a huge selection of over 220 sakes and specialize in premium handcrafted varieties from Japan.

True Sake is located at 560 Hayes St., San Francisco.  For more information call 415.355.9555 or visit www.truesake.com.

Takara Sake USA

Takara Sake USA is a museum and tasting room for Sho Chiku Bai Sake.  Guests can sample their liquid wares and take tours of the facility to learn about the history of sake-making in Japan.

Takara Sake USA is located at 708 Addison St., Berkeley.  For more information call 510.540.8250 or visit www.takarasake.com.

Joy of Sake

This one day annual event is only hosted in only four locations around the world, one being San Francisco.  This is an opportunity to sample a large variety of the world’s most premium sakes while mingling and tasting fine Japanese cuisine.  This year’s event was held on Sept. 9, 2010.  For more information on future events visit www.joyofsake.com.