Hunter And Jimmy Choo Launch ‘Pop – Up’ Shop At Westfield London Shopping Centre

Thanks to the media and PR frenzy going on in London at the moment it’s hard to avoid the fact the London Fashion Week is kicking off tomorrow.

Still, if the shows, models, agents, and stressed out designers are not quite your thing, we have however found a more approachable way to appreciating fashion.

Tucked over Westfield is a collaboration between two of the UK’s most revered footwear designers: Hunter and Jimmy Choo.

Now, just in case you’re wondering how a traditionally rural British wellington designer will get on the glamour and sexiness that Jimmy Choo is famed for, all you need to know are these three words: Crocodile. Print. Wellies. Any girl worth her heels from a typical rainy city will instantaneously get it. How could you not?

Inspired by the UK’s stylish festival goers, this limited edition boot marries the quintessential design elements of Jimmy Choo with the original British tradition of Hunter—the ultimate fusion of fashion and function. Just how we like it.

Yes that legendary Hunter silhouette has been embossed with a glossy signature Jimmy Choo crocodile print while the inside contrasts with a leopard print lining.

In addition to the original black crocodile print boot, new colors are being introduced for AW 2010 including navy, red, anthracite and metallic silver, along with an ankle length version in the original black crocodile print, anthracite and navy.

“I was inspired by images from the festivals of the hip Brit girls in their wellies. This led to our collaboration with Hunter to produce a sleek interpretation of the British classic,” said  Tamara Mellon OBE, Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Jimmy Choo, “Hunter is a symbol of the British way of life, whether city slicking or embracing the great outdoors.”

Established in 1856, Hunter Wellington Boots outstanding performance, durability and comfort has become legendary, with a dedicated following worldwide embracing everyone from farmers to rock stars to the British Royal Family.

The “pop – up” shop will be located on the first floor of the main atrium at Westfield London and will be open until 19th September.

Well it was nice to forgot about the impracticalities of the catwalk creations at London Fashion Week, if only for a little while.

For more information see  Westfield London Shopping Centre.