Haute Event: Bust a Move with Tone Loc and Young MC

Young MC and Tone Loc on the red carpet at Studio 54.

Moves were busted and things were wild at Studio 54 at the MGM Grand on Saturday night when  rappers Tone Loc and Young MC celebrated Labor Day weekend with performances at the iconic Vegas hotspot. The energetic party-goers were treated to concerts by both legends of the rap industry as they danced the night away at one of Sin City’s hottest parties.

Young MC arrived at Studio 54 first clad in a long-sleeved No Fear shirt and snap pants. While on the carpet, Young MC explained how youth trying to get in the music business should stay in school and keep their day jobs but keep music as their No. 1 hobby. After posing for some photos, Young MC was joined by Tone Loc, who wore a towel around his neck and a T-shirt emblazoned with LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME ALONE. After joking around with one another on the carpet and a few inappropriate hand gestures, the duo made their way into the packed venue to join the sexy clubbers inside.

Once inside, Young MC and Tone Loc were entertained by beats spun by DJ Gusto as they walked through the sea of fans at Studio 54. Shortly after settling in, Young MC hit the stage to the roar of the crowd. While on stage, Young MC showed his West Coast style as he rapped some of his songs that brought him international acclaim, including “Bust a Move.” Fans went wild as he rapped “Fastest Rhyme,” where the veteran performer showed that he still had the talent that made him famous in the early ’90s.

Tone Loc was next to take the stage as the actor and rapper sang “Funky Cold Medina” and “Wild Thing” for the ecstatic crowd. Tone Loc kept the party going as he continuously interacted with the clubbers at Studio 54 and made audience participation a requirement as he recorded their responses for a future project.

After their performances, Young MC and Tone Loc partied until the wee hours in the morning.