Haute Arches: Blink Brow Bar Opens in WAX Atlanta

After a year of successfully and relatively pain-free waxing in Atlanta, blink brow bar has opened in the premiere waxing studio WAX Atlanta. Taking the eyebrow wax experience in Atlanta further than you thought possible, blink brow bar is a one-stop-brow bar for you to achieve your best looking brows. And they are not talking about the few days after waxing when the brows are perfect. Along with the waxing and threading service, blink brow bar offers a personal 30 minute consultation and mini-brow lesson with one of the brow specialists.

No matter what your individual eyebrows call for, the brow specialists will guide you from one wax to the next, so you can skip those “hide your face days” when you are way overdue for the service. The Atlanta brow specialists will help you find the perfect products you many need to keep your arches, well, arching. From tweezers to powders, brushes and pencils, let them show you the way. It’s all about maintenance at wax Atlanta.  So, pay attention and allow them to send you home with perfect arsenal to keep those arches in check. Until next visit.

And boys, the blink brow bar is for you, too. But if you are not up for the works when it comes to your brows, you can start off slowly (try the Center Brow Wax).

 WAX Atlanta is located at 280 Elizabeth St. 404.525.8344