Go with the Flow: The Top 5 Fish Restaurants in Moscow

The fish situation in Moscow has come a long way since the Soviet days, when trout, salmon and sturgeon were the only seafood options in restaurants and grocery stores. Over the years Russia has developed a taste for the seas. Nowadays fish restaurants are popping out like mushrooms in the rain and there is no shortage of fish varieties on the menu. Have a look at high-end fish restaurants in Moscow that has already established themselves as an ultimate fresh fish option for real sea-foodies.

More Vremeni Restaurant

The list of unusual fish names in this restaurant is just endless; it features a wide range of original fish dishes. The interior is truly unique and original. It looks like underwater fairy kingdom.

More Vremeni, Bolshaya Polyanka street, 51a / 9, +7 495 953 4913

Sirena Restaurant

Opened in 1992, Sirena it’s a piece of culinary history as Moscow’s first seafood restaurant. To this day, Sirena has retained its original concept of European cuisine with a focus on seafood. And to this day, the restaurant has also retained its individuality without losing relevance. The restaurant’s interior is fashioned after a ship’s cabin. When ordering lobster, it is retrieved from the tank in front of the guest’s very eyes and taken into the kitchen alive.

Sirena Restaurant, Bolshaya spasskays street, 15, +7 495 608 14 12

La Maree Restaurants and Fish boutiques

La Maree specializes in Mediterranean dishes. Hundreds of fish verities is delivered here every day, there are 12 different kinds of oysters alone on the menu. Another attraction is a seafood boutique installed inside where you can buy fish and cook at home.

La Maree, 28/2 Petrovka Street, www.la-maree.ru/

Market Reastaurant

This fish restaurant’s central concept is to have people choose a fish from the fish counter, and vegetables from the vegetable basket, and ask the chef to cook what they’ve chosen however they desire. If you choose a table in the right spot, you can even observe exactly how they’re preparing your dish. Behind the glass in the open kitchen run by chef Zhang Jing, a team of 10 cooks turns guests’ raw fantasies into finished dishes.

Market,  Sadovaya Samotechnaya street, 18, build. 1, +7 495 650 37 70

Porto Maltese Restaurant

Porto Maltese in Moscow is a part of worldwide fish restaurants network. The eatery does not have a traditional menu. The fish and other seafood is laid out on a cushion of ice next to the kitchen. You pick what you want to eat and how you want it to be cooked. The original and exclusive work of the chef will surely impress the most experienced eaters and those who admire haute cuisine.

Porto Maltese, for various locations please visit www.portomaltese.ru/eng.