Fabolous Hosts Rémy Martin V Launch Event

On Sept.9, 2010 local celebrities, athletes, and San Francisco tastemakers gathered at Mezzanine to attend the launch party for Rémy Martin V, hosted by Fabolous. This new liquor marks the first clear spirit produced by the French company. Guests were treated to a plethora of complimentary Rémy Martin V cocktails while they snacked on passed hors d’oeuvres, listened to tunes spun by DJ Big Von, and watched the Rémy Martin V dancers shake it on the dance floor. On the red carpet, I ran into Too Short and this is what he had to tell Haute Living.

HL: “Hey Too Short, it’s nice to see you. What projects are you working on right now?”

Too Short: “Actually, I’m just getting a new group together. Not really saying what the name is yet, but we got some real big stuff in the works.”

HL: “So it’s all kind of undercover right now?”

Too Short: “I mean if you really want to know you should come here, where we are right now, two days from now and see. We’re actually gonna debut it. I don’t want to say anything until that moment.

HL: “You heard it here first. Too Short here two day from now.”

Too Short: “Here at the Mezzanine.”

HL: “Are you a big fan of Rémy Martin?”

Too Short: “Well, I drank a lot of Rémy Martin in my day and I actually like to mix it with the Kalúha and Baileys and stuff. Never Hennessy, always Remy.”

I was also able to catch up with the host of the evening, the one and only, Fabolous.

HL: “Your next album is coming out on November 23. What should fans expect from Loso’s Way 2?”

Fabolous: “Umm just a little bit more of the story. You know, the first Loso’s Way was just me giving a brief detail of my growing into becoming an artist. Now it’s a few years in and you know, it’s a different story for me. It’s not the same as when you coming in. You know? Now it’s my career and you know different trials and tribulations during that.

HL: “This is your sixth album and you have been in the rap game for over a decade now. What would you say has helped your success and longevity in the music industry?”

Fabolous: “I guess creating great music for number one and also paying attention to what’s going on in the game and keeping your ear to the street. And you know, just trying to keep yourself new and fresh and, you know, evolving as an artist.”

HL: “Recently you were in the news for having a big Twitter battle with Soulja Boy. Did you guys manage to squashed that?”

Fabolous: ”Yeah, I spoke to Soulja Boy and we all good. You know, I think it was just more of a miscommunication, a misunderstanding, you know, I mean, I was joking, you know, and sometimes jokes get taken out of context, so you know one thing lead to another but we spoke and you know, Soulja Boy is a young guy coming into the game he’s very successful at his age and that’s a great thing for him. Like for me at my age and where I’m at in the game I don’t think it was even a cool thing to just to be arguing with or beefing with a 20-year-old.”

HL: “We are at this great Rémy Martin V launch event. Are you a big fan of Rémy Martin?”

Fabolous: “I have been, you know, at different times in my life. I have dibbled and dabbled with Rémy Martin. I actually got a whiff of Rémy Martin V which is now a clear spirit and you know I’m kind of more of a clear guy now, so it’s right up my alley.”

HL: “So what do you link to drink Rémy Martin with?”

Fabolous: “Coke, sometimes straight, sometimes on the rocks.

HL: “Straight up?”

Fabolous: “It’s a straight up kind of drink.”

The Rémy Martin V party was a fun, entertaining and star studded event for the launch of a fantastic new clear liqueur. For event photos, see the Haute Living Events Gallery. For information on Rémy Martin V visit www.remy.com.