Dux Is The Ultimate in Luxe

We spend money on a lot of frivolous (but fun) things. But, to me, one of the most important spends one can make is on a bed. Depending on your sleeping habits, your bed may be the place you spend more hours of your week than any other singular place.  It should be comfortable.  It should be luxurious. It should fit you perfectly.  For those well-schooled on the ultimate in sleepy time comfort, Duxiana, is the one and only.

Duxiana, or the Dux bed as the they are lovingly referred to, has just moved their Boston location to shoppers row, a.k.a. Newbury Street in the Back Bay.  Now whenever you are strolling Newbury from Arlington St. all the way down to Mass Ave., you will have the place to stop in for a little respite.

If you have yet to try a Dux bed you have yet to try the best bedding available, by some standards. Every element of the bedding is completely customizable: from bed type, support, toppers, bed leg styles, headboards and more. The associates in the store are sure to fit you with a bed that will love and hug your curves better than even your favorite pair of jeans could.

Pick your pleasure from sleek and modern styles to beds with a depth of comfort of regal proportions. For those that are looking for a bed they can do even more than just sleep and fornicate in, the Dux Axion is a fabulous option. This adjustable bed, perfect for TV watching, reading, or just living on, is not the Craftsmatic your grandparents had by any stretch of the imagination.

Stop in the new store to learn a little bit more about your curves, sink into the fine bedding and perhaps rethink that mattress you have at home that seemed perfectly fine to you before.

Location: 173 Newbury St., Back Bay, Boston 617.426.3441, duxiana.com