Cox, Catwalks and Cupcakes

Another cupcake store, I hear you moan. Another “celebrity chef.” How many cupcakes can we eat in a week, you grumble and how different can butterfly buns really be? (yes, remember when we used to call them that back in the eighties?)

Before you move on you might like to know that cupcakes just got a little raunchy—or a little Soho we might say with a nudge and wink.

And who would be behind this? Well none other than much loved shoe designer Patrick Cox.

Not content with being a shoe guru with celebrity fans who include Madonna, David Beckham, Cate Blanchett, and Elton John, Patrick has now turned his hands to cakes.

And just so we are clear that cupcakes are indeed fun the store is called a tongue-in-cheek, Cox, Cookies and Cakes. The website reads for you to “Love Cox, Eat Cox. Cookie and Cakes,” while the flickering neon sign hanging above the streets of Soho suddenly makes these little, sweet cakes feel spankingly naughty.

Inspired by Patrick’s designs as well as his mother’s cooking skills, Cox, Cookies and Cake offers delicious desserts combined with saucy designs and a catwalk collection style.

Forget dainty butterflies or pretty little flowers and instead get your mouth around toppings that include a Marilyn Monroe postcard, a black skull sitting on top of a pillar box red layer of icing, a pair of juicy red lips, and the pink voluptuous cupcake, which with a juicy pointed red raspberry looks like, well you work it out.

Even more, the glossy black floor and glitter-encrusted walls of the store make it look more Studio 54 than a wholesome bakery.

And just before the think the gimmickry is in the design and not the flavor, you’ll be glad to know that Patrick has teamed with Master Patissier, Eric Lanlard who famously made Madonna’s wedding cake to create each mouth watering treat.

So there you are. Fashion, campness, naughtiness, and sweet treats. All right then, we’re back off the cupcake wagon after all.

Cox Cookies & Cake, 13 Brewer Street, London W1F ORH