Weekend Chill: Boozy Frozen Treats and Uptown Nudity

This weekend is shaping up to be another sultry, triple-digit scorcher, and nightfall usually comes with little relief. Luckily there’s some ultra cool places around town that are surefire weekend bets.

Booze Pops at the Quarter Bar

It’s. So. Freakin. Hot. Luckily the barkeeps at Quarter Bar are sick of standing around on the patio while the drinkers stick to central cooling. They’ve created Booze Pops, probably one of the greatest inventions since jello shots, and they’re serving them upstairs on the second floor roof deck for $6. Flavors will vary nightly, available only on Friday and Saturday nights.

Quarter Bar, 3301 Mckinney Ave., 214.754.4940, www.breadwinnerscafe.com

Adult Shaved Ice at LaGrange

Another cool way to get your nightly liquor intake, LaGrange is offering shaved ice topped off with your choice of alcohol. Try their “Dr. Pepper,” with root beer syrup and Jameson Irish Whiskey, or get creative with your own boozy combo.

LaGrange, 2704 Elm Street, 214.741.2008, www.lagrangedallas.com

The New Manhattan Lounge

Head over to Mattito’s for some Bob Armstrong dip (not on the menu, but you can ask for it by name), then walk next door to the new Manhattan Lounge. Previously a slew of other nightclubs, aka Enigma, Central Park, Manhattan Bar, the new Manhattan Lounge aims to get Uptowners to drink and dance away their savings. So far it has attracted the usual chic crowd (no shorts or flip flops) and appears to be open only on weekends (a drive past last night saw only dark windows). Note to the shy ladies out there: If you have an issue using tissue, um, publicly, skip it. The ladies room is equipped with little toilet cubbies– no doors. Might get easier the more Cosmos you throw down, just a tip.

Manhattan Lounge, 3005 Routh Street, 214.720.9004

Teddy’s Room

There simply isn’t enough burlesque in the world. Enter Teddy’s room, a nod to Roosevelt that features nightly performances by, basically, classy strippers (the clothes stay on…mostly,) that are flown in from the likes of Los Angeles and Buenos Aires. A three-piece band performs while the girls shimmy up on the bar top. It’s not something you usually see in a bar, unless of course it’s a bachelorette party and someone has had too many buttery nipples.

Teddy’s Room, 2404 Cedar Springs Road, Suite 400, 214.808.7909, www.teddysroomdallas.com