The Freshest, Fastest Pizzas at Addison’s New Dough Bros

It’s only been ten days since the opening of Dough Bro’s in Addison, but owner Phillip Schultz says he’s already seeing repeat customers–sometimes twice in one day.

And it’s no wonder why. The business crowd around the restaurant’s location at the Tollway and Keller Springs are taking notice of the Italian eatery, a sort of Chipotle-esque take on pizzas and calzones.

Here’s the deal: Wander up to the counter and take your pic of the On the Dough (pizzas), In the Dough (calzones) or No Dough (salads) options. Then your friendly counter person (sometimes Schultz himself) will guide you through the array of fresh ingredients, from mushrooms and basil to ham and grilled chicken.Don’t know where to begin? There’s a couple suggestion boards a la Phillip and Alex, the Ohioan brothers who founded the concept.

Choose your sauce, either alfredo, your basic marinara or the rustic marinara (chunky and packin’ some heat), all of which are homemade along with the dough itself (the not-so-secret ingredient is Pellegrino, which makes the dough airy and delicious.) Looking to mix things up? Try stuffing your ‘zone with the Mac n’ Cheese. Throw a little bacon in there, get a side of Spicy Ranch and you’ll be addicted.

Then the masterpiece you yourself have created is put in the little oven. You grab a root beer (the real thing is yet to come,) and settle into a table to await your meal. A mere minutes later, your ‘zone or pizza is served, baked to heavenly perfection.

Naturally, if you’re in even more of a hurry or want less carbs with your creation, you can go “No Dough” with their hand cut salad, a blend of romaine, iceburg and spinach that can be topped with any of the regular pizza toppings.

Dough Bro’s announced today they are now delivering, so if you’re in the Addison area you may be in luck.

Dough Bro’s, 5181 Keller Springs Rd., 469.248.0058,