Sugar High: The Haute 5 Bakeries in Moscow

A little known fact about the Russians is that they have a very sweet tooth. Russian women talk about cake in the same tone of voice as they do about Johnny Depp or Robert Pattinson and Russian men’s eyes light up as though they had just heard a supermodel had moved in next door. But it has to be said that in Soviet times, Russian bakeries offered such a poor selection of delicacies that even stale bread with a touch of jam on it counted as a treat. Fortunately, the crisis in Russian confections has passed alleviating what was no doubt a great deal of anxiety for the Russian so that he can now get his hands on a good cake or pastry with ease after the opening of some of the brand new bread and pastry shops. The constantly updated range of freshly baked bread and tarts in contemporary Moscow bakeries brings bliss to the post-Soviet pallet. Feel like it’s almost time for tea (which is another lesser known Russian addiction)?  Then these top bakeries are at your disposal.

Khleb & Co. Bakery chain

Bakery chain  Khleb & Co. specializes in the production and sale of confectionery, bakery and fresh pastries from a French chef.

The best items at the counter are the now famous macarons, pies, and cakes that come in a variety of different forms (meat, mushroom, vegetables and sweet) as well as tarts with cheese, ham, mushrooms, duck liver, apple and cottage cheese.

Marmalade is made with freshly squeezed juices. But if you are on a strict diet, there’s a special green line with healthy and organic treats.

Khleb & Co.,

Pushkin Pastry and Bakery Shop

You can see up to 40 desserts at the Pushkin Pastry and Bakery Shop, all arranged in strict order, depending on color and shape. In the first row there are light and diet options — fruit and berry mousses, raspberries with light cream and low fat biscuits. Then come the pies, biscuits, cakes and other baked wonders. It is essential to try the local croissants, the most memorable of which, with lemon and a secret creamy layer.

Pushkin Pastry and Bakery Shop, 26/5 Tverskoi Boulevard, +7 495 204-4280

Bakery chain Le Pain Quotidien

This is a well-known bakery and coffee house, originating in Belgium. Cozy bakeries are pitch-perfect for breakfast or lunch. It’s a good bet for organic sandwiches (well-made sandwiches which are still hard to find in Moscow) made on fresh bread, and a wide range of sweets. Delicious, delightful, delectable!

Le Pain Quotidien in Moscow,

Bulka, Bakery store and cafe

The professional staff and the best confectioners and bakers in Moscow, trained at French culinary schools, and original interior design, developed by the world-famous designer group GBRH (Chanel and Givenchy boutiques in Milan are among their projects), make this cafe-bakery-shop truly unique. The bakery keeps its doors open till 11 p.m., enticing visitors with intoxicating smell of fresh bread. At the same time, anyone can watch the process of baking bread through the mirror walls, straight from the street.

The bakery produces only natural and healthy products. The dough is made without adding yeast, sugar and butter. There are nearly 200 titles in the menu: baguettes, pastries, éclairs, bread with cheese and Parma ham, tarts for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch.

Bulka Bakery, 69 Bolshaya Gruzinskaya street, +7 495 2589170

Wolkonsky Bakery

Long-running cafe-bakery with what is arguably the best baking in Moscow. Get there in the morning to catch such delicacies as the loaf with sunflower seeds, the French baguette, cookies with pistachios. And because of it convenient location, right on the Garden Ring close to Patriarshy Ponds, it’s a popular local celebrity spot.

Wolkonsky Bakery,