Roll with It: The Haute 5 Spicy Tuna Rolls in San Francisco

“Oishii” means “yummy” in Japanese and these sushi restaurants are by far the most “oishii” in the city. Get out your chopsticks, soy sauce, and wasabi, and enjoy these spectacular spicy tuna rolls. Douzo meshiagare!

Zushi Puzzle

This Marina restaurant is a very popular venue for sushi lovers. They have a creative chef who always comes up with unique concepts and their spicy tuna roll never disappoints.

Zushi Puzzle is located at 1910 Lombard St., San Francisco. For reservations call 415.931.9319 or visit


This Inner Richmond neighborhood hosts a variety of great sushi joints. This location’s spicy tuna hand rolls is superb and puts a unique spin on the classic roll.

Koo is located at 408 Irving St., San Francisco. For reservations call 415.731.7077 or visit


This elegant sushi restaurant has a special spicy tuna roll, named the Shogun Roll. It contains spicy tuna, kairawe & avocado/albacore, tobiko & ponzu.

Umami is located at 2909 Webster St., San Francisco.  For reservations call 415.346.3431 or visit

Tokyo Go-Go

Tokyo Go-Go serves an Off The Wall, which is a tempura shrimp and cucumber wrapped with spicy tuna, avocado, and wasabi tobiko.

Tokyo Go-Go is located at 3174 16th St., San Francisco. For reservations call 415.864.2288 or visit

Yoshi’s San Francisco

Don’t second guess this restaurant just because it’s attached to a jazz club. Yoshi’s Double Tuna Roll consists of spicy tuna, albacore, cucumber, seaweed, and spicy aioli. Double the tuna, double the taste.

Yoshi’s San Francisco is located at 1330 Fillmore St., San Francisco. For reservations call 415.655.5600 or visit

Ino Sushi

You can’t talk about sushi without mentioning Japantown. This restaurant location is a favorite of foodies who appreciate simple yet fresh Japanese cuisine.

Ino Sushi is located at 22 Peace Plz, Ste 510, San Francisco. For reservations call 415.922.3121.