Luxury Airlines Are For The Dogs, Literally

Elite travelers know how to fly in style. They have elevated airline status, always bring more than their fair share of luggage, and never leave home without their furry best friends. However, passengers have found over the years that traveling with pets can be difficult. Dog and cats are often required to be kenneled and travel in the cargo hold. Even if they are allowed on their airline, seats are limited and the pets are restricted to their carrying bags and required to be on their best behavior. For pet lovers, neither of these options are ideal.

A new company, Pet Jets, has found a solution to the pet travel dilemma.Pet Jets is boutique company that operates a special program for pet-owning vacationers. Pet Jets owner, Brian Fiske saw a need for this niche of special travelers. “There are really very few opportunities for pet owners when it comes to air travel.Scheduled airlines offer either the cargo hold or limited space in the cabin.Pets can also fly with the current pet airline that doesn’t allow their owners to fly with their pets!”

When customers contact Pet Jets, they will reach out to their network of FAA provided air craft to seek empty-leg or special one way pricing in private aircraft that allow pets. Owners can now travel with their pets in the main cabin, allowing for a comfortable trip for both passengers.

For more information on Pet Jets, or for assistance in booking your pet-friendly flight call 877.303.6660 or visit