Hollywood Style Dental Surgery in London

There once was a time when American movies and sitcoms would mock British teeth – you only need to remember Austin Powers for an embarrassing set of gnashes.

Well how quickly things can change. The last decade has seen dental surgery really take off in the UK. No longer do those requiring a perfect set of pearly whites need to head off to LA, instead just pop over to Harley Street where you’ll find one of the leading dental practices in the world.

Q Clinic was founded by renowned dental practitioner Dr Tapeshwar Andand in 2003. The clinic offers the very latest treatments using state of the art technology, and most recently Q has become the number one destination and centre of excellence for Invisalign – the revolutionary method for teeth straightening.

The treatment works through a series of custom fitted clear braces or aligners which reposition and straighten the teeth over a period of months – typically between six and 11 months, faster and significantly more comfortable than traditional braces.

Dr Anand uses state of the art 3D computerized planning technology to predict and map a patient’s Invisalign journey.

Much like being given a set of disposable contact lenses, patients are supplied with a set of different braces with clear dates and advice on when they should be changed. Each brace repositions and prepares teeth for the next stage in treatment and sequence, incrementally moving the teeth into the desired position. Regular check-ups are made to review progress until completion.

With five star facilities, Q is the antithesis of the dental surgery of old. The beautifully designed surroundings feature marble floors, stunning artwork, leather chairs and a fresh juice and water bar.

There is no whiff of antiseptic, instead the scent of fresh flowers or Jo Malone candles. A concierge service is available for those from overseas who might need extra support and CNN plays in the background so patients can keep up with the latest news.

Through Q Clinic, the UK now offers dental care on a level with the US. Hollywood has come to Harley Street. Next we’ll be getting cute little button noses to match.

139 Harley Street, London, W1G 6BG

020 7317 1111