Haute Secret: Hollywood, Speakeasy Style

speakeasy hollywood

Looking for something different to do this weekend? Something original, something exclusive, something everyone doesn’t know about already?

Come to the Speakeasy.

Tomorrow evening, at a secretive locale, Speakeasy, true to its name, will revive the romantic era of Prohibition imbibing, offering vintage jazz entertainment and hand-crafted cocktails using some of the finest brands available: Chartreuse, Blanton’s, Bowmore, Aperol, Countreau, Delamin, Luxardo, St. Germain among them.

Want to fit in, and make a good impression? Consider ordering one of these cocktails, from the age when alcohol was outlawed: the  gin-based French 75 (named for a WWI artillery gun) or Short…gin and Noilly Prat mixture called Parisian…gin and apricot brandy Prohibition…gin and vermouth Martini variation called a Luigi…gin and Cointreau cocktail called the White Lady..Sidecar with cognac and Cointreau…Barbary Coast, with scotch, gin and crème de cacao…or even the mysterious Monkey Gland.

So grab your baby, ignore the bluenoses, let her know she’s the bee’s knees and the cat’s pajamas, and spend some clams. Don’t take any wooden nickels or be a flat tire though, or she’ll tell you the bank’s closed and you’ll get the bum’s rush.

Speakeasy planners Drink Eat Play advise that, unlike most places in LA, a sophisticated dress code will be enforced, in order to create the proper environment. No, white tie and tails aren’t required. But it does tend to impress the flappers. Vo-de-oh-doh.

The Speakeasy will take place at a secret location… which we happen to know is 6126 Hollywood Boulevard (you’ll need a pre-purchased ticket to get in anyway). Knock three times.