Haute Legacy: Frank Sinatra Jr at the Catalina

frank sinatra jr

Frank Sinatra, Jr. doesn’t get enough respect. Sure it’s not easy following a father who is one of the world’s most acclaimed singers of all time. But Franklin Wayne Emmanuel Sinatra has paid his own dues, believe it or not. He spent a great deal of time touring with Duke Ellington, has headlined at several Las Vegas casinos and even hosted his own network TV series. In 1988, when Frank senior could have had anyone he wanted, he asked Junior to be his musical director and conductor. That speaks volumes not only of the trust between them, but their musical communication and mutual respect.

In 2003, Daily Variety wrote “ There aren’t too many singers around with Sinatra [Jr]’s depth of experience in big band music, or his knowledge of the classic American songbook. There are even fewer with such real feeling for the lyrics of a song, and such a knack for investing a song with style and personality.”

He’s also played himself on The Sopranos and Family Guy.

So, it’s a really rare opportunity to be able to see Sinatra at the intimate Catalina Bar & Grill, where he’s having a four night stand from August 26 through August 29. One of the best places to enjoy jazz in an intimate, refined setting, Catalina regularly offers the best names in the business. Expect Sinatra to be accompanied by some serious talents, and pull from his voluminous repertoire of standards in swing and ballads. Expect some family members to show up. And a few celeb friends.

Talk about a Haute date.

frank sinatra

Catalina Bar & Grill is located at 6725 Sunset Boulevard, 323.466.2210