Haute Help: David Spade and Friends Benefit Todd Glass

todd glass

Todd Glass is that rare animal in the entertainment world: a comedian who is also a decent human being. I’m half-joking, but when I had the chance to meet him and spend a little time, that was the dominant impression. No doubt David Spade felt the same way when he chose the Last Comic Standing veteran to warm-up audiences for him—a gutsy move, considering what a strong stand-up Glass is.

Though it wasn’t widely reported, Glass suffered a heart attack this past April, actually while onstage performing with Sarah Silverman at the Largo. Since Glass didn’t have health insurance, Spade decided to put together a benefit this Tuesday night (August 31) at the same venue to pay off his bills.

Naturally, Sarah Silverman is also performing, as is Adam Carolla which makes it likely Silverman’s ex, Jimmy Kimmel will show up, Nobody’s saying who else will appear, but think about who these guys have on speed dial, and you realize it’s likely to be some very, very big names. Funny big names. The whole thing is likely to turn into a roast. If we’re lucky.

david spade

Somehow David Spade became so good at playing a jerk that nearly everything he does raises someone’s ire. But organizing this benefit—which by the way, will also be an incredibly funny, intimate, one-of-a-kind show—is nothing but a positive gesture (did you know Spade also does work for the Red Cross?).

Good cause or not, the chance to see so many marquee-name talents in a tiny room at a reasonable ticket price is something not to be missed. If it’s not sold out already. And grab a handcrafted drink at the intimate Roger Room afterward (that’s the tiny bar in front of the Coronet with no sign)…if you can get in there, either!

Largo at the Coronet is located at 366 North La Cienega Boulevard, 310.855.0350