Haute Dogs: Doggie’s Do ‘Dos

Keep your dogs pampered and spoiled with a monthly visit to the Atlanta luxury dog boutique and spa, Glamour Paws of Atlanta. Because when it comes to your dog, it is essential to keep them well groomed, fresh and fashionable.  And nobody understands this like Atlanta’s own Glamour Paws.

After a few days at the Inn at Barking Hound Village, Atlanta’s most amazing pet hotel, my dog was exhausted and was ready for her grooming.   So, it was off to a Saturday at the spa, except this Saturday was my dog’s turn for a taste of luxury. In addition to her usual  Glam Session, which includes a bath, haircut and sanitary trim, teeth brushing, ear cleaning and Pawdicure, I also chose  a Blueberry Facial, special cut (Mohawk) and dye off the A la Carte menu.  More than giving your dog some pleasure, this facial really scrubs away the dog’s grime and build up that accumulates from daily playing. And while my dog is one of Atlanta’s most pampered pooches, I had to pass up on a color to go with her Pawdicure.

The purple Mohawk was not planned. Or at least the purple wasn’t.  Due to her breed (Maltese/Yorkie) and the Atlanta humidity, the dog Mohawk is the perfect solution to keep her unruly tresses tamed and out of her eyes. The color was a last minute decision, however.  They ask so casually if you would like to add a color (pink, purple, red, blue, black), that you start to think this is a normal thing.  And besides, it will only last four to six weeks.  

After Julia, the wonderful doggie stylist at Glamour Paws greeted my dog and led her to the dog spa, I couldn’t help but to peruse the pet boutique, which is filled with eco-friendly toys, treats and accessories.  Even though my dog purple Mohawk, I generally don’t get into the whole fashion dog and dog clothing (key word: generally) hype. But, oh, they have the cutest accessories and outfits. And bags. It was an oasis for the dog-obsessed owner with PPS (Pampered Pooch Syndrome). Shopping for dog clothes at this Atlanta pet boutique is our equivalent to a shopping trip to Neiman Marcus. Letting my PPS take the best of me, I gave in and a few doggie outfits for Fall and a new dog carrier that passes easily for a regular tote.

So if you are looking to spoil your dog (or cat), Glamour Paws of Atlanta is the place to go. They have the best dog groomers in Atlanta (for Mohawks: make sure to get Julia) and they definitely have the best selection of fashion dog accessories, organic foods and toys and functional accessories in Atlanta. I probably had more fun at the dog spa then my dog, but I guess that is what PPS is all about.

Make sure to check out Glamour Paws in Atlanta. Even if you don’t have a dog, it is amusing to look at all the dog fashion.  And, you might run into a new member of the Doggie Mohawk Squad.   

Glamour Paws of Atlanta is located at 776 N. Highland Ave 404.885.9285.