Haute Culture: Mitsuwa Japanese Marketplace’s Summer Festival


I can’t think of a better way to introduce kids (and even adults) to different cultures than through food and fun. Which makes the Mitsuwa Marketplace’s Summer Festival this weekend such a cool event.

The “Nostalgiac Japanese Summer Festival,” as it’s properly called, will take over the chain’s Torrance store on Saturday and Sunday with all kinds of activities, games and contests including (and I’m not making this up): “Parent-child pair crushing water melon contest,” “Plastic Bottles Bowling,” “Golden Fish Scooping,” “Water Balloons Scooping,” as well as a Ramune Soda Quick Drinking contest, Shake a Pedometer contest, Unroll Bath Tissues contest, and a Karaoke contest that’s sure to be serious.

Okay, I didn’t say kids would learn anything, you know, useful. But you never know.

Did I mention food? Of course! The festival will have booths offering fresh Yakisoba (noodles), Yakitori (barbeque), Taiyaki (fish cakes) and Okonomiyaki (savory pancakes—see, you’re learning already!). And Mitsuwa itself—if you’re not familiar—offers an astounding array of sushi, udon, soba, tofu, curries, pastries, burgers, and even the fusion Italian Tomato stand along side it’s boutiques of everything from cosmetics, housewares, health supplements and fashion to books, videos, stationery, and whatever they sell at the place called “Auto Freak.” There are several hair salons and even a JTB travel agency. Hours of fun discovery in here alone!

There are also Mitsuwas locally in Santa Monica (currently celebrating its 18th anniversary), Costa Mesa and San Gabriel.

Mitsuwa Marketplace is located at 21515 Western Avenue, Torrance, 310.782.0335