Haut-ernal Youth: The Vampire Facelift

Stay eternally youthful with the new “Vampire Facelift” offered by Dr. Cole of Oculus Plastic Surgery in Atlanta.   You may not live forever as they do in the Twilight Saga or even have the special powers, but their youthful skin is not out of reach.

How, you may ask, is this facelift different from your everyday nip and tuck? Let’s just say there is a reason it’s called the “Vampire Facelift.”  Blood, your blood to be precise is used to fight the wrinkles and signs of aging.  And, of course, with Twilight mania, we all secretly envy the glistening skin of Edward Cullen.  

 Using the new all natural facial filler called Selphyl, the procedure involves pumping the patients’ own blood into the face. First, a small amount of your own blood is used to prepare the smooth gel that is injected into pre-targeted areas of the face and body.  This then stimulates new tissue growth and collagen renewal providing skin volume that eliminates lines, wrinkles and folds.  Your own new tissues act to reverse the signs of aging.

 The “Vampire Facelift” takes only 20 minutes and you will begin to see your Twilight skin emerge shortly after the procedure. And because it uses your own blood (not the usual toxins and chemicals), patients have a very small risk of allergic reactions and clumping.

 So whether you are a diehard Twilight fan or just want to fill in those aging lines around your face, you should definitely check out what this non-surgical procedure has to offer.

 To find out more about the “Vampire Facelift”, visit Dr. Cole’s Website or call 404.256.1500. Oculus Plastic Surgery  is located at 5505 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd. Ste 640.